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LAUNCH | La Premiere x Inbal Dror Collection


La Premiere is collaborating with Israeli leading bridal gown designer Inbal Dror to launch the new bridal collection, which is set to launch in June 2021. The haute couture collection is expected to launch once a year. This year will feature 12 bridal gowns. As part of the collaboration, La Premiere will head the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of the collection via its global stores and wholesale accounts.

La Premiere x Inbal Dror collection is the interpretation of "love and beauty" for the brides, "The stylistic shaping of this collection has deep inheritance significance and spiritual connotation behind it. The fashionable outline and the curve of design present the elegance and sexy of a bride. This is the highlight of this series, and it is also a delicate sense of ritual", says La Premiere head designer Archie.

Inbal Dror gowns are well known for their "racy silhouettes" and "revealing necklines." She designed the wedding dress of Ivanka Trump and has also designed gowns for Beyoncé, Naomi Watts, and other celebrities. Vogue has chosen the Inbal Dror wedding gown as one of the "10 Most Unconventional Bridal Looks from the Fall 2015 Collections". In December 2017, Dror received an official request from the British royal family to submit sketches for a wedding dress for Meghan Markle in advance of Markle's 2018 marriage to Prince Harry.

"La Premiere as the original bridal brand of Roissy Fashion Group, minimalist design combined with fashion elements, emphasize the unique charm of happiness and giving wish to every couple's marriage and love. Which is coincides with my design philosophy", said Inbal Dror.

The mermaid legend inspires this collaborative collection and seeks inspiration from the mermaid skeleton, which has to continue Inbal Dror's signature silhouettes and necklines design. This season takes minimalist mermaid silhouette as cutting, restructuring, and the collision of smooth lines shaped by fishbone. By combining hazy gauze and lace elements, the blue sea legend is depicted on the white wedding dress, and the brides are as noble and sexy as a mermaid, showing the brides' charming body curves.

The new partnership with Inbal Dror delivers the new look of La Premiere through Inbal Dror's signature design. She is sexy, confident, and elegant with a more integrated romantic way of conquering the global brides.

View our La Premiere x Inbal Dror collection now!

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