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LAUNCH | La Premiere 2021 Collection


This year, we went to the beautiful sunny beach to shoot the 2021SS. The reason to go to the beach is not only because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it is definitely romantic and warm. It's also because we want to share La Premiere Couture 2021SS beauty and aestheticism with the international audience.

The main theme of 2021SS, "Holy White", is very simple and pure white as the design concept, featuring light wedding dress, advocating aesthetic romance and practical wear. The light and elegant shape of Holy White, coupled with the design style of lace, embroidery and white overlapping structure, makes it more beautiful and flowing.

The combination of 2021ss "holy white" and romantic and beautiful beach shows the greatness and surprise of love. Expressing love to the bride is the treasure in the blue sea, waiting for the right person.

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