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Collaboration | La Premiere with Top 10 Israeli bridal and wedding dress designers


La Premiere has collaborated with three Israeli bridal designers to bring the gorgeous visual art from Isreal to global brides. From the beginning of the 20th century, Israeli visual art took on a creative direction, influenced by Eastern and Western influences, the land itself, its development, the city characters, and stylistic trends from art centers abroad. The culture in this land has inspired the Israel design world.  Inbal Dror and Idan Cohen are among the top 10 most famous Israeli bridal and wedding dress designers.

Sexy is the keyword of Inbal Dror's design, and the collaborative collection【La Premiere x Inbal Dror】is a blend of her signature design with the perfect version.

Also, the land has inspired the designer. This natural beauty always brings us an amazing surprise, like the collection 【La Premiere x Idan Cohen】 designed by Idan Cohen.

It's an honor for La Premiere to collaborate with these two top designers. La Premiere is willing to bring haute couture wedding dresses to global brides with the latest stylish design and delicate fine fabrics.

On the other hand, La Premiere has collaborated with the rising star of the Israeli bridal world, Birenzweig. The fashion house won the top 10 promising designers in 2012. Their design perfectly combines modern and traditional style, creating new individual and unique dresses for the brides. The springtime in Israel inspires the new collection 【La Premiere x Birenzweig】 to represent the new start after a hard time in 2020.

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