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Incredible Experience at Barcelona Bridal Week


From New York to Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week - April was a whirlwind of meeting new and inspiring retail partners all over the world! Take a look behind the scenes of our incredible experience at Europe’s leading bridal fair aka Barcelona Bridal Week!

With seven collections featured (including the Inbal Door and J’Aton Couture designer collaborations), our incredible team used their extensive knowledge and professionalism to help clients navigate the choices and edit their buy to those gowns that would be perfect for their markets!

We are thankful to all of the wonderful new retail partners who took the time to visit us. We cannot wait for the fall 2022 bridal markets, when we will reveal our new La Premiere x J’Aton Couture, La Premiere White, La Premiere Couture and La Premiere Luxe collections. The Spring 2023 collections will begin to debut in September in Las Vegas, and October in Chicago & New York!

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