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Collaboration | La Premiere x J'Aton Couture


Recently, La Premiere will attend the New York Bridal Fashion Week on 6th - 8th October. In the NYBFW, La Premiere will showcase the new collaboration collection with an Australian brand, J'Aton, synonymous with luxury attracting a global following over the past two decades.

Fusing superb design expertise by creators Jacob and Anthony.  Being Australian born and having a strong Italian heritage, the mystery and allure of J'Aton lie in the fact their design aesthetic pays homage to their rich cultural background.

J'Aton has a built a strong following among high profile celebrities and clients from around the world.  With Couture commissions on permanent display in Museums.

Jacob & Anthony have created signature looks for Beyonce, JLo, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Australian actresses Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchet, Naomi Watts, Asher Keddie, Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie, Isla Fisher to name a few.  It is this strong support that has kept J'Aton fresh, current and at the forefront of fashion.

J'Aton put Australia on the map for high-end fashion. Embodying a unified vision of design stemming from an insatiable desire to create, the J'Aton signature style is a great juxtaposition between contrasting elements- the avant-garde and the classic, the opulent and the raw; the masculine and the feminine; the past and the present. "We wanted to offer support and hope to those who have suffered financially, an opportunity to enter a world of pure luxury at a price that did not compromise quality in any way whatsoever, something we have never been able to offer before".

J'Aton unveils their masterful secrets in this collection to give back to the world after the most difficult time in modern history. A time where many have suffered and not more so than couples around the world that have had to put their lives on hold due to the pandemic causing incredible emotional, mental and financial strain on their lives and relationships.

Partnering with La Premiere has allowed for the dream to become a reality for couples around the world to be able to indulge in this collection of pure refinement, construction and engineered masteries, a gown fit for a museum that deserves to be in every woman's wardrobe to be cherished and admired for the rest of her life and to pass on to future generations, a true heirloom piece, a time when we need some hope and inspiration, and at a time when many couples around the world are finally able to marry the partner of their dreams and build their futures together as one, there is no greater honour for us to be able to offer them a dress of their dreams.

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