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Designers | 10 Questions With Designers Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino, of J’Aton Couture


For Jacob and Anthony, the Melbourne-based haute couture designers and founders of J'Aton Couture, this year has been full of changes to its planned launch schedule. J'Aton Couture has used this as a chance to adapt its business, grow J'Aton World and explore how the bridal industry of the future might look by collaborating with La Premiere. Jacob and Anthony have been invited to a small interview with the Bridal Council after the New York Bridal Fashion Week.

Q1: How long have you been designing together and what is your background?

A: We have been designing together for 26 years, our background is Italian, both our parents are of Italian descent. The concept behind the partnership is that two different minds and perspectives make for the perfect balance like most successful relationships’ opposites attract.  It is the key to our success and the allure of our brand.

Q2: Who does what in the design process?

A: We both do the same in the design process as we are both passionate about seeing every aspect of the gown come to life. We both design, make patterns and sew every garment.

Q3: The women look so powerful in the clothes, what is behind the inspiration?

A: We dress women through the eyes of men, but we dress women the way they tell us they want to dress, so we have a male perspective that is driven by a woman’s wants and desires.

Q4: What is the philosophy behind J’Aton Couture?

A: To create clothing that connects innately with women so they feel they can take on the world.

Q5: Describe the aesthetic of the J’Aton brand, the fabric and the details.

A: The J’Aton signature style is a lavish juxtaposition between contrasting elements- the avant-garde and the classic; the opulent and the raw; the masculine and the feminine; the past and the present.  We like to use textures that would not normally be seen together in bridal such as luxurious sustainable mushroom leathers mixed with glass beading on delicate fine silk tulle. We create heavily constructed corsetry on the sheerest of fabrics. We like to always embrace indifference and break down the barriers and throw out the rule book. To celebrate the depths of humanity.

Q6: Who are some of the celebrities, who have worn your gowns?

A: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Jlo, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Cate Blanchette, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue.

Q7: Is there a synergy or different approach when designing for eveningwear vs a wedding dress?

A: We have made bridal wear fashionable for three decades now. When we got into the industry bridal wear had a lot of rules attached and we were not accepted for quite some time as we started sending brides down the aisle in bra cupped underwired corset gowns exposed on the outside and not hidden, that had not been seen before. By not allowing rules and regulations to dictate a Bride’s desires, is why we stand out in the bridal industry and have made bridalwear so fashionable. For us, there is no difference when designing for brides vs evening wear as we create on feeling and emotion. It just so happens that Brides have a deeper feeling and emotional connection when creating their bridal gown so that is where it may differ in the sense that there is more emotion and depth in the final product as it means so much more to them personally.

Q8: Tell us about the collaboration with La Premier X J’Aton signature design.

A: We wanted to allow Brides globally who call us daily, to be a part of the J‘Aton world as we are a very small couture house that cannot keep up with the global demand due to us having a very small team in Australia, we make all the dresses ourselves and partnering with La Premiere has allowed for brides around the world to Dream the Bigger dream and J’Aton has now become accessible thanks to La Premiere making those dreams a reality.

Q9: What is the concept behind the partnership?

A: To enable J’Aton to become accessible globally, partnering with La Premiere has allowed brides around the world to “dream the bigger” dream and J’Aton has now become accessible thanks to La Premiere making those dreams a reality.

Q10: How do the designs translate and where do you hope to make these available?

A: The designs touch a deeper emotion as we are able to take our life’s work from listening to women, empowering women for three decades, living through many eras of fashion with dramatic changes in humanity and women’s rights. We have synchronised a collection of all these elements and represented couture on many levels paying homage to old-world technique, infused with new modern technology and sensibility. Still adhering to the strong J’Aton aesthetic of the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

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