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Legal information

Welcome to this website. Please read the following terms carefully. If you disagree with any terms of this agreement, you can choose not to use this website; Entering this website means that you will agree to abide by all the provisions of this Agreement and fully obey the unified management of the website developer.

Chapter one   general

Article 1   This website is the information storage space provided by website developers to users, providing users with a platform for discussion and exchange.

Article 2   The ownership, operation right and management right of this website belong to the website developer.

Article 3   The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to the website developer.

Chapter two   website users

containing one of the following:

1. Opposing the basic principles established by the constitution;

2. Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

3. Harming the honor and interests of the state;

4. Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermining ethnic unity;

5. Sabotaging the state's religious policies and promoting heresy and feudal superstition;

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order or destroying social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting a crime;

8. Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon their legitimate rights;

9. Inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration or gathering of people to disturb social order;

10. Activities in the name of illegal non-governmental organizations;

11. It contains false, harmful, threatening, infringing others' privacy, harassing, infringing, slandering, vulgar, obscene, or other morally offensive contents;

12. It contains other contents restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any norms with legal effect.

Article 8   users are not allowed to post any form of advertisement in the website, including but not limited to:

1. Release the information of online entrepreneurship, online part-time job, q-coin swiping and non authentic winning prizes with any contact information;

2. The content includes the information of academic qualifications, professional titles, test questions, assignments, papers, etc. with any contact information, as well as the sales of test answers, etc;

3. Release any bank card agent, sales invoice, illegal lottery and other information with contact information;

4. Illegal information such as hackers with contact information, fee deleting posts, certificate processing and seal engraving;

5. Release of unofficial certification of any hospital, beauty, medicine, freckle, doctor, expert and cosmetic information with contact information.

Article 9   Users should bear all the civil or criminal liabilities directly or indirectly caused by their personal behaviors. Users should be responsible for compensation for the losses caused to website developers by their behaviors.   Article 10   Website developers have the right to deal with users who violate the rules of this website until they are forbidden to publish information in this website.

Article 11   It is forbidden to use illegal software to irrigate water and publish content illegally.

Article 12   Any user who discovers that the content of the website is suspected of insulting or slandering others or infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others has the right to make a complaint according to the website complaint rules.

Article 13   In order to provide users with a high-quality communication platform, and make the website develop healthily and healthily, the reactionary and pornographic avatars, signature files and users who publish bad content will be dealt with severely. Once such behavior is found, the ID will be permanently banned and all speeches will be cleared.

Chapter three   monstrans de droit

Article 14   Website content is created by users, and the published content or articles only represent the author's point of view, which has nothing to do with website developers. All the responsibility for the authenticity of the user's speech shall be borne by the user, and the website developer shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 15   Any dispute and / or loss between users arising from or possibly arising from the use of the website shall be settled by the users themselves and shall bear corresponding responsibilities, which has nothing to do with the website developer.

Article 16   The developer of the website has the right to reprint or quote the works published on the website without notifying the user.

Article 17   The copyright of any content (including self portraits) published on the website at any time, and the rights that users license the website developers to use freely, permanently, irrevocably, sublicensely and non exclusively all over the world, including but not limited to: reproduction right, distribution right, rental right, exhibition right, performance right, projection right, broadcasting right, etc The right of information network dissemination, the right of film production, the right of adaptation, the right of translation, the right of assembly, and other copyright property rights enjoyed by the copyright owner as stipulated in the copyright law. In addition, the user license website developer has the right to file a separate lawsuit against any subject for infringement, and obtain full compensation.

Chapter four   penalty rules

Article 18   Website developers solemnly remind users that in case of any one or more of the following situations, they will bear the consequences, including being closed all or part of their permissions, suspended or deleted their accounts. If the circumstances are serious, they will also bear the corresponding legal responsibility.   1. Use indecent or inappropriate ID and nickname;

2. Publishing illegal or infringing speech including indecent, pornographic, personal assault and anti-government speech;

3. Engaging in illegal business activities;

4. Imitate the ID of the manager of the post bar or the ID of others to fake the manager or damage the image of the manager;

5. Use the posting machine and other illegal software to explode the bar and post in violation of regulations.

6. Other website developers think it is inappropriate.

Article 19   In case of any of the following situations, the website administrator has the right to delete the article without prior notice, and make corresponding punishment according to relevant regulations. If the circumstances are serious, the website administrator has the right to close part of the authority, suspend or even delete the account.   1. Publish articles containing contents prohibited to be published and disseminated in Article 7 of this Agreement;   2. Publish articles that do not conform to the theme of the page or have no content;

3. The same article appears many times;   4. Publishing advertisements in violation of Article 8 of this Agreement;

5. The content or personal signature of the article will contain the content or format that seriously affects the user's browsing;

6. Other website developers think it is inappropriate.

Chapter five   supplementary articles

Article 20   Judicial interpretation on combating Internet Rumors: the interpretation of the application of laws of the Supreme People's court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on handling criminal cases such as defamation by information network was adopted by the 1589th session of the judicial committee of the Supreme People's Court on September 5th, 2013 and the 9th session of the 12th procuratorial committee of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on September 2, 2013, It is hereby promulgated and shall come into effect as of September 10th, 2013.

Article 21   All users published articles caused by legal disputes, and the website developers have nothing to do with.   Article 22   If the website needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will be announced in advance. If the service is suspended due to hardware failure or other force majeure, any inconvenience and loss caused during the suspension of service shall not be liable for this post.   The website developer shall not be responsible for the loss of information and / or other results due to the adjustment of the website

Article 23   For the issues not covered in this agreement, please refer to relevant national laws and regulations. In case of conflict between this Agreement and national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

Seven bottom lines of civilization

According to the current situation of the development of China's network, director Lu Wei of China Information Office put forward the "seven bottom lines" of cyberspace. Each of us netizens, while freely expressing their opinions and demands, should also abide by the "seven bottom lines", and surf the Internet in a civilized way to become civilized Internet users.   1. the bottom line of laws and regulations: there is law to follow, there is law to be followed, law enforcement must be strict and illegal must be investigated. At any time, whether it is online or offline, it will always be illegal and must be investigated;

2. the bottom line of socialist system provides us with strong institutional guarantee for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and we should actively support socialism and socialist system;

3. the bottom line of national interests, as a national citizen, always safeguard the interests of our great motherland, which is also the glorious obligation given to each citizen by the constitution;

4. the bottom line of citizens' legitimate rights and interests, while we are fighting against corruption on the Internet, we should remember that we cannot attack others by unhealthy, improper or even illegal means such as "showy", otherwise, we will not only violate the law, but also infringe the legitimate rights and interests of innocent people;

5. the bottom line of social public order, the network world must also follow certain order rules, only in this way can we create a good and healthy network environment;

6. the bottom line of moral fashion, advocating virtue in China for thousands of years of excellent tradition, the network space should also talk about morality, do not do something against morality;

7. the bottom line of information authenticity requires us to be realistic when we are online, not to spread false information or spread rumors by mistake, and actively publicize the real information issued by government departments.

The seven bottom lines are fundamental and cannot be broken through; It is square circle, and cannot be overstepped. Our vast number of Internet users actively publicize and implement the "seven bottom lines", strive to be civilized Internet users, purify the network space, and also have a "blue sky" on the network.

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