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  • 1. What is couture?

    Couture is all about designing and manufacturing beautiful gowns to your specific requirements and measurements. You can also call them - fashionable made-to-measure clothes. And, that's our specialty; we design dresses for all women of all sizes with an emphasis on flattering the female body. FYI - all of our products are hand-made and produced with the highest quality fabrics and sewing techniques, to ensure your garment is everything you hoped for.

  • 2. How many months in advance should I order my dress before the wedding?

    To be fully prepared for the big day, we typically recommend our brides begin the dressing process about 6-8 months in advance. This gives enough time to customize your dress and plan comfortably for 2 fittings so that you look and feel heavenly in your dream dress.
    However, if you're getting married next month, we'll try and accommodate your request and submit your order as a "rush order" so you can receive your dress in time. Just make sure to contact us asap.

  • 3. Where can I buy La Premiere wedding dresses?

    You can click here to see our stores.
    Or you may contact us at info@lapremierebridal.com and leave your address to us. We will get back to you ASAP.

  • 4. Can I order a dress online if they are not available in my state and country?

    Yes, please contact info@lapremierebridal.com with your specific inquiry (we can also advise online for your perfect fit) and we'll send you specific guidelines on how to take your measurements, so you can place your order directly through our online team.

  • 5. What is the price range of La Premiere wedding dresses?

    It depends on the style and the designer line, please contact the local stores or email inquire@lapremierebridal.com

  • 6. What are the La Premiere collections and how are they different?

    La Premiere Couture: Luxurious, exquisite, elegant, sensuous
    La Premiere White: Romantic, fashionable, gentle, graceful
    La Premiere Luxe: Curvy, sexy, exquisite, elegant
    La Premiere x J'Aton Couture: Individualistic, dramatic, unique, lavish
    La Premiere x Inbal Dror: Soft, feminine, exquisite, romantic
    La Premiere x Idan Cohen: Sensuous, gentle, powerful, graceful
    La Premiere x Dimitrius Dalia: Provocative, boho, contemporary, romantic
    La Premiere x Birenzweig: Floral, dreamy, glamorous, exquisite
    La Premiere x Maria Pia: Minimalist, elegant, contemporary, opulent

  • 7. Do you offer trunk shows?

    Yes. We organize trunk shows for future brides to try on the gowns that may not normally be available in stores. Please email info@lapremierebridal.com your state and country along with your full name and ask to be added to the upcoming truck show list.

  • 8. What is the standard size chart(inch) of La Premiere dresses?
  • 9. Can I customize my dress? (add sleeves, train, and shape)?

    The most popular type of customization includes adapting the train length, variations in the shape and/or depth of the neckline, sleeve lengths, making the dress sleeveless, or choosing a different color.

  • 10. How can I become an official LP stockist?

    If you own a bridal shop and your clients can't stop asking to try on LP dresses, please contact info@lapremierebridal.com with all relevant information about your store.

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