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New Collection


La Premiere Couture

The collection is showing that the beautiful yarn captures the spring scenery. Pure handmade embroidery matching with minimalist design and exquisite design. The delicate and romantic French lace with its own fairy gentleness. Girls are dancing gentling as if they are narrating a dream journey of love.


La Premiere White

This collection is inspired by ballet, tradition and classical ballets are performed with classical music accompaniment and use elaborate costumes and staging. But this time, girls dance gracefully in the springtime without music and staging to express the courage to chase true love.


La Premiere Luxe

This collection is specially designed for curvy brides.We are on a mission to make the bridal fashion market more inclusive and help women embrace their curves.Savoire-Faire hand-embroidered and mermaid shape aim to make our brides look and feel glamorous.Customized right silhoutte not only celebrates curves but also unique、exquisite and luxurious style.


La Premiere Light

Many girls want a minimalist, elegant and romantic gown on their big day. La premiere created a whole new collection - Light, to encourage women eploring their inner femininity. 
This season, La Premiere collaborated with some Australian designers, especially Annelise. Upon returning to Australia, she was inspired by traditional couture dressmaking techniques and how these could be incorporated into contemporary design. Light is her work to make minimalist style accessible to all the brides. The unique design of simplicity is specially offered to brides who love on-trend fashion and minimalistic.

La Premiere x J'Aton Couture

J'Aton is synonymous with luxury attracting a global following over the past two decades. Fusing superb design expertise by creators Jacob and Anthony. Being Australian born and having a strong Italian heritage, the mystery and allure of J'Aton lie in the fact their design aesthetic pays homage to their rich cultural background. Designers, Jacob & Anthony have created signature looks for Beyonce, JLo, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Australian artists Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchet and Kylie Minogue to name a few, it is this strong support that has kept J'Aton fresh, current and at the forefront of fashion.


La Premiere x Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror is a famous designer of bridal gowns in Israel. Her designs are exquisite, crafted using the best fabrics, and designed to flatter the female form. Her design was worn by Ivanka Trump, Beyoncé, Naomi Watts, and other celebrities. This collaboration will continue her unique design style, the slender skeleton body of brides, light and elegant like a mermaid princess diving into the deep sea.


La Premiere x Idan Cohen

Idan Cohen is an Israeli designer who made a name for himself with his unexpected, unique designs. He has designed gowns for the stars in the television hit shows in Tel Aviv, especially for the celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Chanel Idan. Each layer of the gowns in this newest collection representing inner confidence and charm. Everything is beautiful and eternal, casting the true charm of a bride inside and out.


La Premiere x Dimitrius Dalia

The fancy well known “Dimitrius – Dalia” wedding studio was established in 1994 in Ashkelon, it is one of the most fancy wedding studios which offers significant large collection of the most trendy wedding dresses. It is owned by the couple Dalia and Michael Mansharov, it sets the tone of fashion in the field of wedding dresses and in the field of the escort for the bride.&nbsp;


La Premiere x Maria Pia

Maria Pia is grown up in the bridal world, and he well knows the brides' needs. Maria has always been fascinated by new fabrics and materials and the idea of creating without following imposed rules or schemas. He is good at combining simple clothes with the best haute couture details and refined design. This new collection is minimalist, elegant, and stylish. Combines traditional and contemporary, clean, and delicate fabric to express the best wish for brides.



Stylish Octavia is an A line dress features with high neck、broad shoulder and geometric shape on the back. Highlight with covered buttons from neck to the hem. Its a simple but unique style, suitable for a church and a rustic wedding.



A romantic chantilly lace matched with the elegant appliques, wide multi-dimensional hem is mottled and glittering in sunshine.



Pursue features a soft mermaid silhouette and shimmery layers of beaded lace, the detachable overskirt makes it ultra-elegant.



Huaqi showing the beautiful yarn captures the spring scenery. Pure handmade embroidery matched with minimalist design and exquisite design. The delicate and romantic lace with its own fairy gentleness. Girls are dancing gentling as if they are narrating a dream journey of love.



The new romantic an asymmetrical sculptural gown corseted in the most stunning tailored Satin. Structured fit and flare gown with striking Graphic Draping that falls to a dramatic side split.This stunning classic draped gown can be transformed into a fashion piece that is cutting edge, yet still pays homage to a bygone era.



The silk Cady mermaid dress has an elegant style enriched by the tail.



Bodice is very chaste, with a changeable layered skirt



Almost transparent lace with flowers and patterns, sexy and pure.


A String of Blue Beaks

Vanne Villela chose La Premiere on her big day! A String of Blue Beaks features triangle neckline with a big A line skirt. Draping on the top and 3D element on the shoulder.


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