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About La Premiere

La Premiere was established in China and born to pursue the ultimate wedding dress aesthetics with haute couture “art”. We strive to cross the traditional boundary of aesthetics and beauty, to bring together the most avant-garde designers worldwide, and to exemplify affordable luxury with our design pieces.

We aim to make every woman’s dream come true with a wedding dress that can express herself fully. Our gown is not simply a wedding dress, it is something that has the power to represent who you are, and you can do everything with it.

Who we partnering

After visiting the world’s fashion capitals, we have created gowns in collaboration with a series of world-renowned designers, including the red-carpet geniuses of J’Aton Couture, Israel's high-fashion designer Inbal Dror, star designer Idan Cohen, Italy's Maria Pia, the husband and wife team known as Birenzweig, Korean designer Michelle Kim, and of course our emerging star Archie.


La Premiere is a global fast-fashion haute couture brand that consistently delivers its craftsmanship along with important designer collaboration collections. We constantly bring the world's top designs and create diversified and customized style lines.