About La Premiere

La Premiere is a romantic, entry-level luxury bridal brand under the Roissy Fashion Group Inc. Aim to bring unique, haute couture wedding dresses for global brides. La Premiere believes every girl's dream wedding should come true with the bridal gown presenting their personality. La Premiere received unanimous acclaim and was loved by the brides around the world.

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Love and romance are a series of "the first time": the first time we meet, the first time we fall in love, the first time you propose, and I say "I do." All these beautiful moments come only once in our lifetime.

La Premiere means "the first time" in French. We valued the couple's first-time grand and joyful ceremony, committed to making brides be charming and happy people on their wedding day. We want to create unforgettable, eternal moments for La Premiere girls.

x Designers

By working with high-end luxury fashion designers in the industry, La Premiere wishes to make designer brands more popular and keep up with global demand. La Premiere ensures that each collaborative collaboration will fully showcase the designer's uniqueness, providing absolute creative freedom and pairing their design with the best fabrics in the world.

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La Premiere searches for the newest, most fashionable, and highest quality lace fabrics around the world every year. Annual international exhibitions and four major fashion weeks ensure that La Premiere secures the most advanced craftsmanship and fabrics of the highest quality.

La Premiere works with the best fabrics suppliers in the world. La Premiere’s fabrics and lace suppliers are specialists in developing innovative, exclusive fabrics to produce original and creative dresses of exceptional value.